Consultancy Services, System Documentation & Computer Repairs, Servicing and Networking


Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are divided into the following areas:

At Radical Systems (Pvt) Ltd we understand that our valued customers have diverse requirements so we have developed a variety of services that respond to those individual needs.  Sharing new information, being responsive to change, and working through problems and solutions together are part of our responsibility in providing with a reliable, comprehensive support programme.

You have the reassurance of knowing that you will always have access to qualified members of our highly skilled team who have got in-depth knowledge of our products and solutions so that we can provide timely and accurate advice and solutions.

As part of our consultancy package, we guarantee that you will receive the required level of assistance and partnership to ensure you get the best solution for your organisation.

Our consultants are qualified in information technology and accounting as well as auditing. This comes to you as an advantage in the sense that you benefit from both areas.


Computer Repairs, Servicing and Networking

In-order to complement our main goal, we also offer additional services such as computer repairs and servicing as well as networking of computers. We do network configurations as per customer request. Our systems many times, run on a network platform hence these services are required.


System Documentation

The strength of every system is on its documentation. Documentation is a write up of an implemented system. It contains information as to how the system should be operated. It is different from training manuals in the sense that its contents in short are all about treatment of special transactions in the system implemented e.g Treatment of “Salary advance” to an employee and etc.