Financial Reports (Add on Tools) & Pastel Evolution and Partner Report Writer


Sage Intelligence

 Both Pastel Partner and Evolution Have got reporting tools. The tools allow utilisation of the power of Microsoft Excel for reporting purposes.

The central issue is getting data into Excel so that you can manipulate it in the ways you want. That data is sitting in your accounting system.  

By extracting the data into a worksheet, you work with the data outside of the accounting system, where you can manipulate it at your leisure. To do this, tools such as Sage Intelligence makes extensive use of workbooks


Pastel Evolution and Partner Report Writer

We have some important news to beef up your financial system reports in both Sage Pastel Partner and Evolution.

A Report writer is a facility already in Pastel that is used to create reports and the user does not need to buy an additional module for report viewing.

Reports can be converted into Excel, Pdf etc. (It is found in both Partner and Evolution)

Our organization specializes in data mining (Designing of Customised Reports). The report writer modules are in build and the reports designed run from within Sage Pastel.

We are 100% sure that you will be delighted to have all your customized reports embedded in Sage Pastel Products.

Go to download and download sample reports from the report writers.