Below Is A List Of Our Products

CatVision Integrated System Software

CatVision integrated system software (ERP) is a unique software meant for Crèches, Academic and Tertiary (C.A.T) organization's entire administration. It is the only integrated software you will ever need to manage and take care of all departments and functions of your whole organization.

Business Vision Software

The software is for Fixed assets / Non-Current Assets Register. Assets can be analysed by eight analyses.

This means that assets can also be reported by e.g. Province, Station, District, Location, User, Department, Division, Area and etc.

Label Printers and engraving tools

Label printers are devices which are used to number or label fixed assets. We can provide your company with these devices at an affordable price.

Customers may choose to use our devices on hire or buy from us their own devices.

Sage Pastel accounting products are complete accounting packages and business management software packages that are flexible and feature-rich. Solutions are tailored to suit any business type or size, so as a small, medium or large business, you will find a software solution that meets your needs.

In the world of business, there is no room for mistakes – especially when it comes to managing a company’s finances. No matter how large or small a business is, it’s imperative that a solid accounting system be in place to manage funds effectively, simply and, most importantly, with utmost accuracy.

About Us

Radical Systems (Pvt) Ltd has been recognised as the number one solution provider for very simple to use financial and non-financial software with offices in Zimbabwe.