Training & Software Demo



At Radical Systems (Pvt) Ltd we believe that effective training is a key element to ensure that our clients achieve and maintain operational excellence. Through training, we transfer the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make the most of your investment. We offer comprehensive training courses so that users can master the skills required to work with the applications we provide. Courses can be delivered at your company’s site and can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Among some of the products we offer training on are:


Software Demo

“Software demo is 100% free”  

This provides us with the unique opportunity to be able to present our products as part of the solution. These products may appear to do a similar job, but in reality, they are very different, allowing us to tailor the right solution for your business challenges.

You have a chance to have all your questions answered during the software presentation both verbally and practically. This will help to avoid choosing wrong software and.

The presentation can be done at your site or at our site whichever is convenient